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Introduction of Rod Mill Machine

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Introduction of Rod Mill Machine

The rod mill produced by Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Factory is driven by the motor through the speed reducer and the surrounding large gear deceleration drive or the low-speed synchronous motor directly through the surrounding large gear deceleration drive to drive the cylinder to rotate. The barrel body is fitted with a suitable grinding medium - steel rods.Under the action of Centrifugal force and frictional force, the grinding medium is elevated to a certain height and falls down in a drop or discharge state. The milled material is continuously entered into the barrel body by the mine mouth, crushed by the moving grinding medium, and discharged from the machine by the overflow and continuous power to the mine, in order to carry out the next operation.

Rod mill price

Bar Mill According to the model and size of different prices will vary. If you need a bar grinder quotation, in the determination of the size of the bar grinder, will you need the specific model of Raymond Mill and the number by message to tell us, we will send you specific price of the mill  Get the latest offer price

Different grinding media

The grinding medium of the rod Mill is steel bar, and the steel bar should have enough rigidity and hardness, to ensure that in the use of the process will not be bent, can not be broken into pieces of the phenomenon, nor too soft, otherwise easy to rotate in the barrel produced bending, resulting in premature damage and winding, winding mill to cause grinding machine cleaning difficulties, waste of time. It is generally believed that the length of the mill should not be too long, because too long grinding rod is very easy to cause winding, therefore, now used in the mill is generally less than the length of the rod mill diameter of 15 cm as a reasonable length of steel bar, grinding rod diameter of 40-120 mm.

Energy efficient

The energy saving power of the MBS rod mill is more than 40% higher than that of the old mill. It adopts advanced controllable in-and-out material rod mill technology, combined with the actual user's grinding materials and suitable grinding bodies, and changes the surface contact of the traditional ball mill into line contact. , The discharge size is more uniform, with less coarse particles and slime, higher yield, suitable for grinding of Mohs hardness 5.5~12.

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